Stress Less About Your Body with Amy Stubbs

Amy Stubbs, the co-creator of many of the stress less programs, is back on the podcast for the second time. Her original episode was one of our most downloaded. She’s relatable, gets vulnerable and she has a story to tell.

Following on my own journey with learning to love my body, Amy shares her own. We’re sort of at opposite ends of the spectrum. My stress and obsession led to overeating, weight gain, etc., while Amy went the opposite direction into mass restriction and working out to the point of injury.

Amy Stubbs Stress Less About Your Body

We talk about diet culture, the messaging she received about clean eating, intuitive eating, getting married without obsessing about losing weight for her wedding and how she is navigating the weight gain of pregnancy without letting diet culture trickle in.

GREAT news – our Stress Less About Your Body program has officially launched and if you use the code PODCAST15 before March 31st, you get 15% off the program. We created what we wish we had, we streamlined the process for you, so that you can kick start the journey to accepting, respecting and LOVING your body.

Imagine what could open up for you in your life if you weren’t so stressed about your body.

So. Many. Things.

So let’s stress less, live more and actually enjoy the body you HAVE right now.

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