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30 Before 30 – The List

It’s my birthday!!! I’ve been talking about creating one of those infamous 30 before 30 lists for ages now. It took a while for it to come together, but I finally have it. And guess what? It includes a whole lot of travel and writing. So, while this may be less about informing you about travel […]

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The Dreaded Slush Pile

On this haunted Halloween, the only thing scarier than ghouls and goblins has to be the slush pile. When I first heard about the ‘slush edition’ at the annual When Words Collide conference, the idea sounded intriguing, exciting. In practice, it is intriguing and exciting, but also nerve-wracking and it plays havoc with your confidence. […]

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Musings in Frustration

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. I LOVE writing. Finishing the first draft of my novel, Girl Tries Life, was euphoric. I had created it. All 68,000 words of it. Me. My imagination. It was one of those moments in life where I was really proud of myself. But that was back in December. Life […]

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Books Owned vs. Books Read

Okay, we’re taking a slight break from the Pub 101 series (mainly because it’s been a busy week and I didn’t write it…shhh!). It was recently pointed out to me by my husband that I might have a serious problem. I was showing him my Kobo library, including all of the books I’ve been buying […]

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I LOVE this cover, but does my opinion as a reader count?

Pub 101: From Cover to Cover

I’ve been fascinated by covers for a long time. One of my most popular blog posts to date has been I Judge Covers. I Judge Titles. So Sue Me. So… I’m guessing that you’re all interested in the process too. In chatting with an editor from one of the big five publishers, I learned some […]

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Introducing – Publishing 101

Hello readers! It’s a week since I attended the When Words Collide conference and my brain is absolutely BUZZING! I had the absolute joy to attend some fascinating workshops. My notebook is overflowing and I am filled with tidbits of information that were completely new to me. Don’t you love it when that happens? And […]

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Do you ever get ahead of yourself?

Yes, I know, I’m only meant to post twice a week, but this topic has been nagging at me and I want to know what you think… now! (I was never one for patience or the long game). About a week ago I had coffee with a fellow aspiring writer. For a good chunk of the […]

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Beta Readers: The Reader and the Writer

Having both been a beta reader and asked beta readers to critique my work, I’m starting to understand the delicate balance. Asking someone to review your work, especially for the first time, is an enormous emotional commitment. Reading someone’s work, that they’ve poured their heart and soul into, is a phenomenal weight. What if you […]

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Read Outside Your Genre

I’m about to admit something shameful. For quite a while, I honestly believed that there was no point in reading outside me “preferred” genre. Breathe, Victoria. Breathe. Okay, I said it. Wasn’t that awful of me? I know it was. I’m a horrible human being. It’s true though. I thought, hey, there’s a million and […]

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New Adult Fiction – Here to Stay?

Before I went to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in 2013, I had never heard of the new adult genre. YA – check. Romance – check. Historical, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk (all in one novel?) – check. New adult was described to me, and Wikipedia et al have since confirmed it, as the 18-25 year old […]

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