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Kiss Me In the Rain

Review: Kiss Me In The Rain by Sarah Kades

It’s an absolute joy when ladies from my writers’ group, Alberta Romance Writers’ Association, publish a book. While we don’t all write romance (even though there’s romance in our name), Sarah Kades does. And she wrote a Canadian one at that! Here is the blurb as described on Sarah’s blog. (more…)

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Shiny New Story Syndrome

Shiny New Story Syndrome

My name is Victoria, and I suffer from Shiny New Story Syndrome (SNSS). Shiny New Story Syndrome Definition: (noun) 1.When a writer struggles to finish the story they are working on, and is instead distracted by newer story ideas. 2. The writing equivalent of ADHD. Am I alone in my suffering of SNSS? I feel like […]

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Beta Readers: The Reader and the Writer

Having both been a beta reader and asked beta readers to critique my work, I’m starting to understand the delicate balance. Asking someone to review your work, especially for the first time, is an enormous emotional commitment. Reading someone’s work, that they’ve poured their heart and soul into, is a phenomenal weight. What if you […]

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Query Letter Approaches

In preparation to start querying agents, I pulled up my notes from the 2013 Surrey International Writers’ Conference. I was lucky enough to attend the Queries That Work workshop with Penguin Canada’s Adrienne Kerr. Here were some of my key takeaways from her presentation: Know what your agent/editor has recently acquired. Demonstrate that you’ve done […]

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New Adult Fiction – Here to Stay?

Before I went to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in 2013, I had never heard of the new adult genre. YA – check. Romance – check. Historical, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk (all in one novel?) – check. New adult was described to me, and Wikipedia et al have since confirmed it, as the 18-25 year old […]

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A Writer Since Childhood

I’m going off my blogging schedule – I know, but I HAD to share these frightful discoveries with you. Whenever I read author bios, for the most part they talk about how they’ve been writing since they were children. I never really connected to that, only remembering one story that I wrote as a kid, Deakin […]

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80/20 rule of self promotion

Rant Warning: 80/20 Rule of Self Promotion

You read the title. You’ve been warned. Prepare for the rant. Authors, PLEASE, I’m begging you, stop with the unending self-promotion. I get it. I know you’re trying to increase your readership, highlight your reviews or provide quotes from your books. I understand. And yet, my eyeballs scroll to the back of my head. Your […]

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advice for writers' conferences

Advice for Writers’ Conferences

As a budding author, when the dates aligned for me in 2013 I jumped at the opportunity to attend the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. I had planned to go with a fellow writer, but a family emergency came up, so I ended up there solo. The solo part was ever so slightly terrifying. I’d been […]

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Interview with an Author: Lorraine Paton

As a member of the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association, I’ve had the honour to meet some incredible authors. Lorraine Paton is one of them. In the two years or so that I’ve known Lorraine, I am continually impressed by her complete devotion to all aspects of the craft. She writes (obviously), critiques, teaches workshops, runs […]

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