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So You Want To Be A Blogger?

First off, if you joined my session at When Words Collide, big thanks! This post will hopefully go into greater detail than I was able to squeeze into one hour. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me. Comment below or connect with me on social media. So… you want […]

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Books Owned vs. Books Read

Okay, we’re taking a slight break from the Pub 101 series (mainly because it’s been a busy week and I didn’t write it…shhh!). It was recently pointed out to me by my husband that I might have a serious problem. I was showing him my Kobo library, including all of the books I’ve been buying […]

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Do you ever get ahead of yourself?

Yes, I know, I’m only meant to post twice a week, but this topic has been nagging at me and I want to know what you think… now! (I was never one for patience or the long game). About a week ago I had coffee with a fellow aspiring writer. For a good chunk of the […]

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100 Blog Followers!

Hi everyone, Yes, you’ve already gotten your Travel Tuesday update for today, but today’s article led to me reaching 100 blog followers! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who follows Girl Tries Life. It’s incredibly gratifying to have triple digits of people tuning in twice a week to see what I […]

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Rosie Blake Book

Rosie Blake – Blog Hop

Big thanks to Rosie Blake of How to Get a (Love) Life for answering my tag in a recent blog hop on writing. Rosie is a vivacious and hilarious writer, and if you love a good comedy, I encourage you to check out her book. Thanks again for taking part, Rosie. Here are her thoughts on writing: What […]

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Blog Hop: Writing Process

I was recently asked to take part in a blog hop by the lovely Diana Cranstoun. If you haven’t checked out her blog before, please do. You’ll find fascinating posts that bring history to life as she writes about wartime nurses. She’s even been known to go on a wartime rations diet challenge from time […]

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Blog Hop Q&A

Thanks to Lorraine Paton for highlighting me on her posting for the Writing Process Blog Hop. As promised, here are the answers to the hop questions. 1. What am I working on? I’m working on my “Girl Tries” series. I’m editing the first novel, Girl Tries Life, a story about learning to stand up for […]

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