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Writing Tools

Sage Advice from the Alberta Romance Writers

I’m biased, I get that, but I attended a fabulous workshop by the Alberta Romance Writers Association in August. There were four speakers: Jessica Jackson, Diana Cranstoun, Sarah Kades and Mahrie Glab Reid. Rather than try and sum up a three hour session, I thought I’d just share my key a-ha moments. Ladies – forgive me! I can’t remember who said what, but […]

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The Virgin

The Heroine’s Journey

I considered doing my own original post on The Heroine’s Journey (NOT the same as the Hero’s Journey), but I decided that it’s been done, and done really well, by Diana Cranstoun. Diana gave a standing-room only workshop on Kim Hudson’s The Virgin’s Promise at the 2014 When Words Collide Conference. You can find Diana’s three posts here: […]

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In My Father

Memoir: In My Father’s Footsteps by Diana Cranstoun

Full disclosure, Diana Cranstoun is my mother. There, now that’s off my chest. SO… my Mom has ventured into self-publishing, releasing a short memoir titled In My Father’s Footsteps. I’m so proud of her. What she started with was a short memoir about her experience visiting Dunkirk, where her father (my grandfather) was one of […]

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