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Diana Gabaldon Interview

Diana Gabaldon on Inspiration, Conferences & What She’s Learned Through Writing

In 1994, Diana Cranstoun of the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association (ARWA) sent Diana Gabaldon a list of questions via traditional mail. Diana was in the midst of writing her fourth book. It’s been over twenty years and ARWA were curious what had changed, particularly given the recent success of the STARZ Outlander series based on Diana’s books. Diana […]

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Writing While Traveling

Writing While Traveling. Possible?

I’ve talked about my experience editing while traveling, but what about writing? Is it possible to write while on the road? Is it possible to keep the motivation up, to reach a writing goal, or to plot out a story, all while moving from place to place every few days? (more…)

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The Metaphor/Simile Challenge

Smooth as silk. Rough like sandpaper. A blanket of snow. Under the curtain of night.   We’ve all read these similes and metaphors before. Heck, I’m sure that most of us have even written them. I often find that in the moment of writing fiction I am so absorbed by the characters and the conflict […]

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