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Hoi An Clothes

Why We Chose NOT to Buy Clothes in Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam. Home of custom, tailor-made clothes. Blogs rave about it. Visitors flock to the destination with magazine clippings of their dream outfit, hoping to have it made to their specifications and chosen fabric. We had this same hope, though we weren’t as fastidious to know exactly what we wanted to have made. A […]

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Spa Southeast Asia

Spa Time in Southeast Asia

Once upon a time I worked as a receptionist at a gorgeous Scottish hotel complete with spa. On slow days, staff would get to partake in spa treatments for a 50% discount. And so the luxury addiction began. Southeast Asia was going to be another such opportunity to enjoy spa time. I just knew it. […]

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Shutters Hoi An

Photo Essay: Hoi An, Vietnam

Okay, I know I’m skipping ahead a bit here. You’re all reading my posts about Laos at the moment, but here we are in Hoi An, Vietnam and I’m ridiculously excited about some of the photos we’ve been taking. The colours here are stunning and even though the weather is less than desirable, at least […]

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