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Sage Advice from the Alberta Romance Writers

I’m biased, I get that, but I attended a fabulous workshop by the Alberta Romance Writers Association in August. There were four speakers: Jessica Jackson, Diana Cranstoun, Sarah Kades and Mahrie Glab Reid. Rather than try and sum up a three hour session, I thought I’d just share my key a-ha moments. Ladies – forgive me! I can’t remember who said what, but […]

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Head off to the highlands of Scotland. Why not?

Build Your Own Writers’ Retreat

As a writer, there comes a point where you want to “get away from it all”. You need some inspiration beyond the four walls of your home. If you Google ‘Writers’ Retreat’ you will find approximately 3.06 million options. How in the heck can you possibly decide from 3.06 million options? There are some key […]

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Feb 1 - And today we write

Lessons Learned from the Mavens of Women’s Fiction

You’ll have to excuse my brief hiatus from writing, but someone – yes, me – went skiing, hit their head on packed snow and ended up with a mild concussion. Computer screens, television, reading, basically everything I enjoy doing was out of the question for quite a few days. I did sneak in an audiobook […]

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If you haven’t yet seen this video, please take a couple of minutes to watch it now. It shows the change in the life of Lakeisha Shurn (@lovethyself365) who commits to go to the gym for 100 days straight. Now, let’s just think about that for a second. 100 days. In a row. Regardless of […]

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