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meredith masony

That’s Inappropriate, Hot Mess Express and Not Being Alone with Meredith Masony

“You might have cancer.” Those are words that none of us want to hear, especially not if you have three kids at home. When Meredith Masony heard those words, she initially went into productivity mode – cooking freezer meals for her family, considering creating an online dating profile for her partner – but thankfully the […]

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anita hofer

Intellectual Garbage Bears, The Camino & Unstructured Time with Anita Hofer

Today on the podcast we’re joined by my good friend, Anita Hofer. Anita shares her career journey, her current role in communications and what it means to her, the struggles of modern day parenting and the lessons that she’s focused on teaching her girls. We also talk about her 40th birthday adventure on the Camino […]

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bad moms

For All The ‘Bad Moms’ Out There

Here’s the truth that you don’t often see from curated social media feeds or shiny happy mommy blogs* – parenting is the hardest freaking thing I’ve ever done. Some children are little cherubs. Others… through no fault of their own, they have an innate ability to drive you to the edge. I get it. They’re […]

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10 months

Baby J is Ten Months Old!

Sweet Jesus, where does the time go? I am so ridiculously shocked by speeding time, particularly this week, because there are days that drag. As I’ve said before, I love this kid more than anything, but what a month we’ve had. He’s had a stomach virus, he is teething, and is he ever frustrated by […]

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seven month update

Baby J is Seven Months Old

Dear Jack, What a month you’ve had! You turned six months old and you decided this was the month that you would do everything. You would get teeth, you would learn to roll and you’d regress in your sleep after vaccinations. Oh, and you’re eating food! Seriously busy for one and all. Your Mum and Dad had great […]

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six months old

Baby J is Six Months Old

Jack, Know that if I were reading this particular letter aloud to you, I’d be a blubbering mess. Six months has hit me harder than any other milestone. You’re such a little person right now, if that makes any sense. You have personality, you babble and you give me smiles that are just for me. […]

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