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Writing While Traveling

Writing While Traveling. Possible?

I’ve talked about my experience editing while traveling, but what about writing? Is it possible to write while on the road? Is it possible to keep the motivation up, to reach a writing goal, or to plot out a story, all while moving from place to place every few days? (more…)

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Blogging AND keeping up with my favourite blogs

Embracing a Change in Focus

It’s the time of year when I¬†should be setting writing goals… but I haven’t. I’ve scribbled some thoughts down on paper, but nothing is concrete the way I would usually approach the formidable New Years’ resolutions or annual writing goals. Why not? (more…)

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In My Father

Memoir: In My Father’s Footsteps by Diana Cranstoun

Full disclosure, Diana Cranstoun is my mother. There, now that’s off my chest. SO… my Mom has ventured into self-publishing, releasing a short memoir titled In My Father’s Footsteps. I’m so proud of her. What she started with was a short memoir about her experience visiting Dunkirk, where her father (my grandfather) was one of […]

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