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What I’m Reading On the Road

A takeaway that I heard this year both at Surrey International Writers’ Conference as well as Calgary’s own When Words Collide is that writing is as much about reading as it is putting words on the screen. And so, as David and I backpack Southeast Asia, I loaded by Kobo with books for the road. […]

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My Plea: Let’s End the Book/Genre Shaming!

WARNING: This post might venture into rant-territory. I try to keep my official rants few and far between, but I’m fired up! So… I’ve now been to a few writers’ conferences and I’m noticing an irritating theme. In a community where we each struggle with the process of writing our books, screenplays, poems, etc. there […]

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New Adult Fiction – Here to Stay?

Before I went to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in 2013, I had never heard of the new adult genre. YA – check. Romance – check. Historical, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk (all in one novel?) – check. New adult was described to me, and Wikipedia et al have since confirmed it, as the 18-25 year old […]

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A Writer Since Childhood

I’m going off my blogging schedule – I know, but I HAD to share these frightful discoveries with you. Whenever I read author bios, for the most part they talk about how they’ve been writing since they were children. I never really connected to that, only remembering one story that I wrote as a kid, Deakin […]

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Have you set a goal? Perhaps word count, like NaNoWriMo will inspire you.

Goal Setting – Micro or Macro?

Apparently I was on something at the start of the month when I decided it was a good idea to move apartments, train for a half marathon and participate in Camp NaNoWriMo all at the same time. Smart, hey? It’s got me thinking about goal setting. Whether I’m running for an hour or writing two […]

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Building and Branding Your Platform

As soon as I realized that I couldn’t be everything to everyone, this innate sense of calm came over me. Prior to this realization, I was panicking about how I’d be the witty author to one, the wise Yoda to another and the friend next door to you. When you try to be it all, you […]

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Understanding Your Lead Characters

Has anyone else seen this book kicking around Chapters, Indigo, Barnes and Noble or pretty much any store that sells books? Well, I was the happy recipient of one for Christmas. The likelihood of me filling in a journal, even just one line a day, for five years? I’m going to say nil. Confidently, ZERO. […]

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A snapshot of my chick lit bookshelf - many more on my Kobo

Is Chick Lit Dead?

Hi, my name is Victoria and I write chick lit. (This is where you say “Hi Victoria”…) Being a fairly new writer, you come across many challenges. Just admitting to your friends and family that you’re putting a significant amount of energy into writing is daunting. You’re committed at that point, or it feels that […]

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The two books that I’m in the process of writing are set on the fictitious Scottish Isle of Rathnarr. First off, I’d like to give true credit to all writers up there that make up fictitious names of places. It was hard! I had a moment where I thought I’d come up with the most […]

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