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Samantha Kimura

Mama Coaching, Authenticity & Asking For Help with Sam Kimura

Today’s interview is a special one for me. Samantha Kimura, or Sam as I call her, and I were childhood friends. We would dress up in my Mom’s shawls and have tea parties, make forts in her basement and visit many a playground in our neighbourhood. Since those days we’ve lived very different lives, but […]

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postpartum depression

The Oxygen Mask

Like many of you out there, I don’t like to ask for help. I hate it, in fact. It’s funny, because I’m over the moon to help other people. Helping other people makes me feel good, needed and like I’m making a difference.¬†Asking for help, on the other hand, makes me feel weak and like […]

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postpartum week 1

Girl Tries Baby: Week 1 Postpartum

Happy New Year, folks. 2016. I’m convinced it’s going to be a good one. I’m also convinced that a huge part of that is in attitude.¬†Only I can choose how I react to what is thrown at me. Postpartum being one of the things I’m dealing with, for now, I’m considering doing weekly summary posts. […]

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