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11 Blogs I Love

I love blogs. I’m biased, I know. For a few years I’ve started following a variety of blogs to keep me inspired in travel, writing and general life. That said, there’s always room for more. Here’s the deal. I’ll share some of my favourite blogs with you… if you promise to comment below and tell […]

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reading on the road

What I Read on the Road – Part II

Thanks to everyone for their fabulous reading suggestions in the comment sections of What I’m Reading on the Road Part I. However… I haven’t read any of your suggestions YET. It’s not that I don’t intend to, I very much plan to, but for now I have to work my way through my Kobo library. […]

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What I’m Reading On the Road

A takeaway that I heard this year both at Surrey International Writers’ Conference as well as Calgary’s own When Words Collide is that writing is as much about reading as it is putting words on the screen. And so, as David and I backpack Southeast Asia, I loaded by Kobo with books for the road. […]

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