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Writing While Traveling

Writing While Traveling. Possible?

I’ve talked about my experience editing while traveling, but what about writing? Is it possible to write while on the road? Is it possible to keep the motivation up, to reach a writing goal, or to plot out a story, all while moving from place to place every few days? (more…)

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Shiny New Story Syndrome

Shiny New Story Syndrome

My name is Victoria, and I suffer from Shiny New Story Syndrome (SNSS). Shiny New Story Syndrome Definition: (noun) 1.When a writer struggles to finish the story they are working on, and is instead distracted by newer story ideas. 2. The writing equivalent of ADHD. Am I alone in my suffering of SNSS? I feel like […]

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A Good Story Well Told.

As Mark Twain said, “I like a good story well told.” Sadly, that’s not the case for all works of fiction that line the shelves of bookstores. Not even every book that makes its way onto a bestseller list is well told. So, which is more important? The story or the telling of it? I […]

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Which Critique Personality Do You Have?

For the past year I’ve been involved on and off with a critique group. They have made the world of a difference to my manuscript, but along the way I’ve talked with other critique groups and have discovered that there are distinct critique personalities. Grammar Gaby Gaby will dissect each and every comma, fragmented sentence […]

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