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things to do in victoria

48 Hours in Victoria, B.C.

Are you one of those people who finds that their vacation days are dwindling towards year end because you just couldn’t stop yourself from taking the spring vacation? Yeah… me too. That’s how I end up taking a lot of long weekends in the last quarter of the year. A long weekend in San Francisco […]

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The "free" bamboo bridge across Nam Xong river

Two Days in the Once Raucous Vang Vieng

As you float down the Nam Xong on a yellow and black inner tube, you can’t help but see the evidence that you missed the hedonistic past life of Vang Vieng. Bars that were once packed with drunk and/or high tourists are now ghost towns, shells of their former selves. We even saw the former […]

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Glen Cloy - Isle of Arran

My Love Letter to Scotland

With the Scottish referendum happening this week, I thought there was no better Travel Tuesday post to do than a love letter to one of my favourite countries in the world – Scotland. Depending on how long you’ve followed my blog, you know that I’ve spent a LOT of time in Scotland, working there on and […]

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24 hours in oxford

24 Hours in Oxford, England

Just saying ‘Oxford’ fills the traveler with thoughts of an ancient university, punting and Alice in Wonderland. But how long do you realistically need to stay in order to experience Oxford? This traveler found that 24 hours was sufficient to get a taste for it, making it an ideal stopover for those doing the UK […]

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Poverty Tourism: What’s Your Take?

In 2008 I visited the insanely gorgeous country of South Africa. We did the wine tours, the safaris, visited Robben Island and made our way up Table Mountain. One of the most unique and eye opening experiences that I had, though, was a tour of one of the townships. I’d seen them on the drive […]

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