The Heroine’s Journey

I considered doing my own original post on The Heroine’s Journey (NOT the same as the Hero’s Journey), but I decided that it’s been done, and done really well, by Diana Cranstoun. Diana gave a standing-room only workshop on Kim Hudson’s The Virgin’s Promise at the 2014 When Words Collide Conference.

The Virgin's Promise by Kim Hudson

The Virgin’s Promise by Kim Hudson

You can find Diana’s three posts here:

The Virgin’s Promise Part 1

The Virgin’s Promise Part 2

The Virgin’s Promise Part 3

My big takeaways from both the book and from Diana’s workshop were as follows:

  • A hero’s journey doesn’t need to have a male lead and vice versa for the heroine’s journey. Rocky is a heroine’s journey!
  • The Hero’s journey takes the lead out into the world to solve their problem. The Heroine’s journey takes place in their own community, but they bring people along the journey with them.
  • There is a formula. Hudson breaks down a number of movies and books to show the similarities. It makes it so user friendly. This is not to say you need to follow it step-by-step, but I’m sure you’ll see pieces in your story (if it is in fact a Heroine’s journey).
  • Most stories should have opposing characters. I don’t mean good vs. bad (although it counts), but if you have the virginal character, you oppose her/him with the whore. If you have the mentor, you have the miser. You should try to show the opposites to demonstrate what your character could become if they don’t change.

What other great books on writing, story structure, etc. have you found? Which writing books changed your practice?

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  1. dianacranstoun October 3, 2014 at 9:03 pm #

    Many thanks for linking this to my blog!

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