Book Review: The Royal We

Tis the month of Royals fever with the birth of baby Princess Charlotte! Don’t lie… you read at least one news article about it. I fully own up to it. Here’s the thing, I think that as a North American I have a fascination with all things Royal because we tend to romanticize them. While the UK once slated Kate (Waity Kaity days anyone?), she’s now their Duchess of Cambridge, had the wedding of the century and has delivered two gorgeous royal babies.

Now… wouldn’t you like to indulge in some fiction that takes you behind the scenes? Fiction that gives you a look at the less polished version of a royal family, as opposed to the glossy version presented to us in Hello? The Royal We, by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, does just that.

The Royal We book review

This shouldn’t come as a major spoiler if you’ve read the book blurb, but The Royal We centers around American, Rebecca (Bex) Porter and her relationship with the heir to the British crown, Prince Nicholas (Nick). It takes you from university days to a minor breakup-bump in the road, right through to the wedding – no spoiler here, check out the cover. It basically follows the Will and Kate love line, but takes the reader from tabloids to insider, seeing it from Bex’s point of view.

What I loved about the book:

  • The sassy younger Prince Freddie – who doesn’t love a caddish Prince Harry equivalent?
  • Bex’s relationship with her twin sister – I do love a romantic comedy where there is a strong friendship that gets tested.
  • The writing style – considering the book is written by two authors, the writing style was seamless. I don’t know if they share the writing, or one plots while the other writes, but to the reader it was well put together.
  • The fan-fiction element to it – I loved Cocks and Morgan’s take on Will and Kate. It made Bex and Nick’s relationship much more real, much more flawed and dare I say it… normal? Romance isn’t always in the big gestures, but in the shared moments of regularity, watching a tv series together or ranting about your family.
  • The many twists and turns – It’s Wills and Kate, right, so you think you know exactly how the book will flow? Think again? There were many unexpected plot twists, and I love to be surprised! Well done to the authors.

To be honest, there wasn’t a lot that I disliked about it. It’s an easy read, which doesn’t mean that it’s not good quality! I firmly believe that a lot of skill goes into making a book an easy read. Far easier for a writer to bore a reader, make them put down their book, than to have their reader devour page after page.

Essentially, if you love a romantic comedy and are a bit of a royals fan, you will likely enjoy this book.

Anyone read it? What was your take? 


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