The Powerful 4 Things I Learned in June/July

Holy smokes. What happened to, “I’ll start rounding up what I learn monthly?” Here I was going to write the second post and I realized it’s the end of July. What?

things i learned in june

Random – but one of my favourite photos I took in July

This month it’s only a round up of 4 things, but I guarantee these four lessons pack a punch.

1. Ask. Just Ask.

This has been reinforced in so many ways for me the past two months. On the podcast side, I’ve just started reaching out to people that I would NEVER have thought would say yes. As a result, I’ve interviewed YouTube fitness star, Lucy Wyndham-Read, my favourite travel blogger Dalene Heck, the co-founder of LoveChild Organics which I use with my son regularly, Leah Garrad-Cole, and so many more cool people are lined up for the podcast.

Do you know how that happened? I just asked. I was respectful, but I made a pitch, and they said yes.

Holy sh*t!

And in an interview with Sam Kimura for the podcast, we talked all about the importance of asking, particularly for help in this context. It’s the same around my home. If I want my hubby to do something, he’s not a mindreader. I need to ask him. If I’m sad and I want a cuddle, I might need to ask for it. If I want help from my Mum with childcare, I need to ask. If I need a personal day from work, I need to ask.

things I learned in june

And on a funny note – back in June I made a comment on Facebook about craving a cookie… only to receive a cookie in the mail from a friend two weeks later. Hey, it takes a while in the mail. Thanks, Sarah

Don’t ask. Don’t get.

2. Objects Only Hold Power If You Let Them

For a long time my digital scale has been the barometer for my confidence. I could have woken up feeling great, energetic, excited, then standing on the scale would throw all of that out the window. No more. I took a hammer to my scale, and it’s making the world of a difference.

throw away scale

For others it might not be the scale, but it might be the boxes of childhood things that weigh you down, or the gift that you hated but kept because it was from a relative. If you’ve read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo talks specifically about how you can let things go that have sentimental value, AND have it add value to your life.

Take back the power.

3. Audiobooks. Just… Audiobooks.

They are changing my world! I have officially read 40 books this year, whether physically or in audiobook format. I have less time to sit back and read now that I have a little one running circles around me, so being able to listen to an audiobook while doing the dishes, while J is playing, or on my walk to the bus is seriously upping my reading game, and I love it!

4. Membership To Your Life

I’ve been struggling a lot in counselling lately with how to handle toxic people in my life. Given that some of them are particularly close in relation, I had the serious struggle of whether or not I cut them out entirely or how to handle it. Then my counsellor came up with this way of thinking that’s blowing my mind.

Think of the people in your life requiring membership. There’s the VIP level. Very few people have VIP status. You care what they think. Their opinions matter. You see them frequently. They get the benefits of VIP membership. Then there are many layers below. For toxic people, perhaps it’s not that you cut them out entirely, but instead they have one of the lower forms of membership. They’re there. But you don’t spend much time with them. You don’t value their opinions. Their words don’t get to weigh you down.

And the beauty of this? You decide who has what membership. It’s not based on blood, or history. It’s based on the value that they add to your life, or not. Demote or promote where necessary.

What have you learned in the past two months? Do any of these lessons resonate with you? Comment below.


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2 Responses to The Powerful 4 Things I Learned in June/July

  1. Lynn Gray Ross August 1, 2017 at 4:49 am #

    Great summary of things you’ve learned. Got me thinking about my own list. Enjoyed the last couple of podcasts – my daughter in Ireland is listening to them now.
    Lynn Gray Ross recently posted…Lynn Gray RossMy Profile

    • Victoria Smith August 1, 2017 at 5:48 am #

      I’m so honoured! Thank you, Lynn.

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