Travel Inspiration Tuesday

Happy Travel Tuesday, everyone.

I’m particularly excited about this day, not because I have travel tales to share, but because a few articles I’ve found online have inspired me. I just had to share. When I returned from my three-month leave of absence to travel Southeast Asia, one of the most common comments I heard from co-workers, friends and family was, “I wish I could travel more”.

travel inspiration

For those of us that live in North America, many struggle with the two-week vacation limit. This is where our European counterparts have it right. They value down time. Time to explore, time to relax, time for adventure.

It can be depressing… until you dig a little deeper and get creative.

I’m a subscriber to the Nomadic Matt newsletter, and a few months back he shared an article noting that North Americans actually have 110 days off per year. You read that right. 110 days. Between weekends, public holidays and your two weeks of vacation time, it all adds up. That’s almost a third of your year. Crazy, hey? I highly suggest you read the article, as he points out many ways to maximize your time off.

Another online discovery I made was Alastair Humphreys of Microadventures. He makes a great point that often what we crave in travel is adventure. We all want that feeling of being truly alive. The funny thing is that we don’t need to travel half way around the world to experience that feeling. Some of the adventures get you close to nature by camping overnight under the stars, others are adrenaline pumping with you entering a road race. There are many microadventures to be had! Watch some of his videos for a little travel inspiration.

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Here are some of my thoughts on how to inject a little more travel into your daily life:

  • Take a Road Trip. It doesn’t have to be far, but there’s something special about starting out early with a cup of hot coffee and hitting the road. You belt out those tunes on the radio the way you wouldn’t if you were likely to be spotted in commuter traffic, am I right?
  • Set a Photo Challenge. It’s funny how once you have a camera in hand and a challenge of taking 5 amazing photos, you suddenly start to look deeper at whatever is in front of you. Wander around your town and see what you can capture.
  • Book a City Getaway. Use 3 out of your 110 days per year to explore a brand new city. If you’re lucky, the next adventure is only a few hours’ drive or an hours’ flight away.
  • Explore Every Park. Most cities are flush with green spaces, but I bet you frequent the same one or two. Make it part of your summer challenge to see every single one of them this year.

travel inspiration

  • Hood by Hood. I once thought about blogging about my city, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. I still think it’s a great idea, I’m just prioritizing other projects at the moment. You can still explore each and every neighbourhood in your city in search of the best places to eat, best walks to take and the best cup of coffee.
  • Pick Up a Great Travel Novel. Sometimes you can get a similar travel buzz simply from picking up a good book. Crazy Rich Asians threw me into the opulent world of Singapore. The Paris Wife sent me to France, Spain and beyond. What novels inspire travel for you?
  • Eat Your Way Around the World. If your city is as incredible as mine, you’re flush with opportunities to eat cuisine from around the globe. Why not have a theme night? Eat Chinese food and walk through Chinatown? Play a sport and eat Greek food (Olympics… get it?).

How do you fit travel into your everyday life? 

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