Trusting Your Gut in Work, Love and Play with Amanda Muse

What a world we’re living in, hey? This is not quite the intro I was planning to write for our episode with the incredible Amanda Muse, but here we are.

First and foremost, I want to say I hope you are well and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. I know staying home feels drastic, but it’s in everyone’s best interest. Whatever support I can offer to you during these hard times, please don’t hesitate to reach out. In the episode I talk about how we’ve massively discounted our programs Stress Less in 90 Days (and we’ll be adding COVID-19 related content) and Stress Less Mindfulness and Meditation for the Everyday.

Now, I first discovered Amanda on YouTube… though I have no idea which video, when or how. What I do know is that to discover Amanda is to love her. She’s funny, relatable and wise beyond her years. She shares the honest truths about every facet of her life, and we dive into some of the topics I’ve been curious to know more about.

Amanda Muse Interview

We talk about how Amanda got into YouTube, what it was like having and raising babies in Malaysia, what self-care has looked like at different stages of motherhood, building your own career, trusting your gut in all facets of your life and more. Amanda was open and vulnerable in sharing her experience of sexual assault and the tangible strategies she used to work through the trauma. I applaud her for her honesty and I know it will help so many listeners.

You should all immediately go and follow her on YouTube, her podcast and on Instagram. She’ll be a bright spot in your day, I guarantee it.

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