Girl Tries Baby: Baby J is Two Months Old

I’m staring to understand that expression “the days are long, but the weeks are short.” It blows my mind that Baby J has been in the world for two months. Some days it feels like bedtime never comes, other days I sit back for a minute in shock at how different my life is.


People keep asking me if I can remember life before J. Answer: Yes. It was so much easier to go to Starbucks, Safeway or run ANY errand before he came along. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m totally psyched each week when I get a full night’s sleep (thanks David!), but again, not trading motherhood for the world. This kid is pretty cute, red rage and all.

It’s been an interesting second month, to say the least.


Colic is a B*tch

So… I think I’ve finally succumbed to the idea that J is suffering from colic. Colic is the hardest thing to diagnose. It’s the whole crying for three hours, for three or more days in a row for three or more weeks in a row… seriously, people, this is what his red rage is, except daily. DAILY. Not necessarily three hours straight, but he definitely cries a total of 3+ hours a day and looks in massive pain while he does it.

We’ve just started on Cocyntal, a homeopathic remedy. When I say just started, I mean he’s literally only had one dose as I write this, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for results.

His red rage has been an emotional roller coaster. You do everything you can think of and often nothing works. The gut-wrenching kicker is when I hand him to David, tears streaming down my face, and David gets him to quiet down using a technique I had just tried. I mean… try not to take that one personally.


We Moved House

This was both an exciting and stressful development. We hadn’t planned (in our grand life plan) to look for a house until March this year. In November, an opportunity to buy a friend’s home came about and it was too good to pass up. This was a house I could picture my kids growing up in. I could see myself walking J to school hand in hand. I could picture holidays here, stringing lights in the trees at Christmas time and trick or treating with our kids in the neighbourhood. There’s a little skating pond across the street from us, a little free library in walking distance and a market close by. It’s the perfect place for our kid(s!) to grow up.

That said, moving is moving. Only a few weeks after his birth I had to continue packing up boxes, dealing with the final paperwork and making sure we had property insurance – something I only remembered to do the week before our possession date. Who knew one needed to insure a home before you’d get the keys – apparently everyone except me!

Moving day came and went in a blur. Our crap was littered throughout the house, some rooms not revealing their floorspace for the entire first week. Thanks to the odd person here and there that has come to cuddle J, I’ve been able to slowly organize the house. If anyone wants to come cuddle my kid while I clean, you’re more than welcome! I’ll even make you coffee and throw in some store-bought cookies to sweeten the deal.


Asking For Help

It was definitely a rough month in many ways, but it reinforced for me that I have a great community of friends and family. The kicker is… if you want help, you need to ask for it. I remember thinking this of other mothers who I’d seen struggle – why don’t they just ask for help? People are willing to help, but you need to say the words.

I find asking for help ridiculously difficult. I wouldn’t have thought that about myself before this past month, but it’s true. I. Hate. Asking. For. Help. There’s probably some deep-rooted psychological issue where I am a bit of a perfectionist, but there you have it. I think there’s also a cultural problem where we put so much pressure on mothers, that asking for help seems/feels like admitting weakness. Really… that’s insane, because we weren’t meant to do this alone! It takes a village. Logically I know this, but the reality of asking for help is so hard.

I can’t describe how much I’ve appreciated the help offered and given to me this past month. Between people babysitting, holding J while I unpack, making food for my baby shower, bringing ice, CLEANING UP after the baby shower (you know who you are!), or just answering my call when I was struggling with J’s colic. You ladies and gents were so incredible and made me realize that asking for help is no bad thing. Thank you.


Random Observations and Thoughts

J has yet to come to love baths. We’re getting there. Progress was made when he didn’t cry the other night – small victories. Look, everybody needs a clean toosh!

We’re slowly starting to get non-gas smiles. I can’t wait for more expressions that are not flatulent-induced.

A passport is on its way! Crazy that passports are valid for five years. Why they ask for an infant’s height and weight is beyond me, seeing as when he’s five it’s not going to match at all!

We had a successful baby shower themed for his dual nationality. Thanks to a few incredible ladies, we were able to pull it off exactly as we wanted. There was a tower of Timbits and a crockpot of sticky toffee pudding to go with the British-Canadian theme.

I now understand why drive throughs were invented. They’re not for those that are lazy or in a rush – nope. They’re for Moms that just can’t face hauling in that twenty pound car seat, standing in a line, and trying to handle all the goods on the way out. Big thanks to the kind man at Starbucks that held the door for me as I struggled with a tray of coffee. Planning routes to include a drive-through Starbucks from here on out!

Anyone else here struggle to ask for help? How do you manage?

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