How to Honeymoon in Paris

Is there anything better than Paris?

honeymoon in Paris

Le sigh. Je ne pense pas.

Paris is for lovers. If you’re going there as a singleton – and I’ve done it, on Valentine’s Day no less – you’re going to feel your singleness. Sorry. It’s just the way Paris is.

Therefore, is there a better honeymoon destination? Probably not, BUT, and this is a big ‘but’, be prepared to spend your hard earned cash. Paris is not cheap. These are the most expensive hotels I’ve ever experienced. Okay. We all on board that it’s expensive? Yes? Okay, let’s continue.

What Paris lacks in beaches, it makes up for in romance. The buildings, the food, the wine, the language, the art! Romance is everywhere.

honeymoon in Paris

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Here are my absolute MUSTs for Paris when traveling with your significant other:

  • A picnic lunch in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont – definitely a lot less busy than other parks in Paris and has a much more romantic feel. Save money by bringing your own lunch. Give yourself plenty of time to explore.
  • Splurge on dinner at Cafe de Luna near Moulin Rouge. We had the most delicious three course meal here and the surrounding neighbourhood is stunning.
  • Feel spiritual at Sainte Chapelle – I am the person for whom a church is a church is a church. BUT, for Sainte Chapelle, I feel differently. It is the most serene, stunning church/cathedral that I have ever visited.
  • Take a walk through Ile Saint Louis. This is the smaller island next to Ile de la Cite (where the Notre Dame is). I find it to be a lot less busy, but just as quaint. There are also some great little cafes.
  • Shop for funky jewelry at Kazana. Each gal is different, but for me, Kazana is love. The scarves and jewelry are to die for. Located just next to Shakespeare and Co (across from Notre Dame) and the prices are reasonable.
  • Delight your taste buds at an Arnaud Delmontel patisserie. There are a few locations around Paris, so Google it and find the best location for you. Gordon Ramsay trained under M. Delmontel and the pastries are to die for! Cost effective also. The hubby and I chose to get four things (yes, four!) and split them each so that we got to try more. You can eat mass amounts of pastry for breakfast, right?
  • Lovers can laugh and lust at the Erotica Museum. I won’t lie, we visited it, and truth be told we found it more hilarious than we did stimulating. It is located across from some lovely specialty stores, so feel free to liberate yourself!
honeymoon in paris

For the lovers…

Things I’m LESS a fan of when visiting Paris:

  • Unless you are an art fanatic… skip the Louvre. I know, I know, I’m a horrible human being, but honestly, the lines are not worth it. It’s true what they say, the Mona Lisa is smaller in person. Now, if art is your be all and end all, then you can deal with the line.
  • Champs Elysee. It gets BUSY. And touristy. Are you really going to Paris to go to Sephora? Really? You’ll have a much better chance of experiencing real Paris style when you explore the back roads.
  • Unless you are a DIE HARD Jim Morrison fan, or an Oscar Wilde fan, perhaps you can skip the Pere Lachaise cemetery. We went. We saw. We took pictures. It’s the bucket list kind of travel, so feel free to check it off. Just not my cup of tea.

There you have it honeymooners. My do’s and don’ts to enjoy your sexy vacation in Paris.

Have you visited Paris? What would you suggest to do or to avoid?

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