11 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Being a new mommy myself, I’ve now been to quite a few baby showers and had my own. Along the way I’ve seen and received some pretty unique baby shower gifts, so I thought I’d share. If you’re wondering what to get the new Mommy in your life, consider one of these:

1. The 2 a.m. “Oh Shit” Kit

love the concept of this gift. My friend Alecia shared this beauty with me. Picture that it’s two in the morning, the pharmacy is closed and your baby is sick. This is where the “Oh Shit” Kit comes into play, Filled with Baby Tylenol, Advil, nasal aspirators, etc., it’s the kit that you’ll need to tide baby and parents over until they can get to the doctor. Trust me, the parents in question will think of you and remember you as a goddess!

baby shower gifts

2. Baby’s First Library

Think about your favourite books as a child and gift them to baby. In your card, write why each one was special. Just in case others gift the same book, make sure to include a gift receipt.

3. Babysitting Gift Certificates

Say you had twenty people come to a baby shower and each person offered a night of babysitting – angels are singing somewhere! This would be an incredible gift for the parents, allowing them guilt-free time for their relationship, knowing that their baby is in safe hands. You could even print up a little gift certificate for the ‘service’, so they have something physical to open.

4. Mommy and Me Classes

Many Mommies will start to think about getting back in shape once they get their six-week ‘ok’ from the doctor. Heading to the gym without baby can unrealistic, so why not gift her a Mommy and Me class? Ask what kind of class she’d like to take, where and when, then sign her up!

baby shower gifts

Me working out in Chiang Mai… could have benefitted from a trainer.

5. Personal Training

So… check with the mommy in question to make sure this is of interest to her, lest you go offending her! That said, many moms would appreciate a little guidance to get their body back. A personal trainer, particularly one who deals with postpartum women, will be able to advise how to safely re-strengthen Mommy’s core, and it’s a fee she might be hesitant to incur on her own.

6. Home Cleaning Services

Seriously… no parent is prioritizing cleaning right after baby is born. Whether you’re offering to clean the home yourself, or if you’re gifting a gift certificate for a cleaning company, this would go down as a greatly appreciated baby shower gift.

baby shower gifts

Scenes from the mass-meal preparation of 2015.

7. Freezer Meals / Stock The Fridge

Freezer meals are by far the best thing I had on hand in the first couple of weeks postpartum. No way was I energetic enough to cook a meal, let alone do dishes. Ask your friend what kinds of freezer meals they’d like and get yourself to the kitchen! It may not cost much money, but it will be so greatly appreciated. If cooking isn’t your thing, offer to do grocery runs for the new Mommy for the first month after baby is born. She’ll likely have no desire to leave the house.

8. Diapers for Days!

A friend of mine went to a baby shower were the parents in question requested diapers from their guests – only diapers, but in varying weight sizes. Those things are expensive, but this way they were set for months without having to cough up for the painful diaper bill.

9. Pottery Painting Experience

Many parents want to capture those tiny hands and feet before they grow too big. Most cities will have a pottery painting place, so why not make a day of it and take Mom and Baby?

10. Family Pass to …

Whether it’s the local zoo, museum or other family-friendly destination, chances are they have family memberships. Your Mommy in question is likely going to want to get out of the house on a regular basis, so a family pass can help save her some cash while providing a fun outing for all.

baby shower gifts

Photo: Swimava

11. Infant Swim Ring

So… mine is in the mail. While we haven’t tried it yet, friends have, and I’m super pumped to give it a go. It’s for a specific weight range, but keeps your baby’s head afloat while letting them enjoy freedom with their arms and legs. Let the water baby be born! Obviously parent supervision is required.

What other ideas do you have for unique baby shower gifts?

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2 Responses to 11 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Lindsay Leef March 15, 2016 at 10:02 am #

    Love this! The Oh Shit Kit is soo bloody smart! As for the swim ring- best!!!! When Taylor was only a day old the nurse came in to our hospital room, and using a translation app said it’s baby swim time. I thought the app got mixed up and she wanted to bath him. Nope, swim! And he loved it and she was so happy with how much he moved around. He could touch bottom so he was just waltzing around like he’d been doing it for months haha. We don’t have a bathtub here but we mean to buy one for the times we will stay in a hotel. (Like last week when we went out of town to apply for his citizenship and passport). They sell the rings at Walmart here, and I will surely stock up and bring them back as gifts when I return to Canada.

    • Victoria Smith March 15, 2016 at 4:02 pm #

      Hi Lindsay! Yeah, we’re waiting for our swim ring to arrive in the mail. So pumped! Nice that your little guy was a water baby from the start 🙂

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