Update: Social Media Detox

As of today I’m officially two weeks into my self-imposed 10-week social media detox.

Given the number of texts or in-person questions I’ve had from friends, family and colleagues asking how it’s going, it seems to me that what I’m doing is considered crazy to some and impressive to others.

So… how is it going?

Both good and challenging.

social media detox

In Some Ways It’s Easier Than I Thought

The key for anyone considering a social media detox, in my opinion, is to delete the apps from your phone, and to log out of all accounts. Not having access to social media on my phone immediately removed temptation. I still find myself going to my phone and swiping the screens to find the apps during breaks or moments of boredom, but I haven’t been able to accidentally get into them.

I’m Sleeping Better

Two weeks ago, my nighttime ritual would be to read 10-20 pages of my current book, then scroll through Instagram Stories before turning out the light. In retrospect, this is the most ridiculous thing I could be doing. It’s essentially creating constant pivots for my attention. A 30-second video of someone’s travels in Asia followed by 20-second cooking with kids videos, followed by 10-second snippets of someone’s day. I mean… who would be able to fall asleep easily after that? I never was, but I also never made the connection.

Now? I’m falling asleep so much more easily and sleep feels more restful. Crazy, huh?

I’m not saying there isn’t a time or a place for SnapChat or InstaStories, but it certainly isn’t (for me) in the hours before bedtime.

It’s Challenging for Work

Be it my job or for the Girl Tries Life blog and podcast, not being on social media is challenging. Part of my time is spent researching potential guests for the podcast, and once I land a guest, to research their lives for provoking questions. Well… without social media that’s a challenge. For many, websites are a landing page that points you back to their social media.

In many ways, social media is my preferred research tool.

I Miss YouTube

Okay, I won’t lie… I went on YouTube three unsanctioned times in the past two weeks (unsanctioned being not for workout videos!). I miss watching snippets of The View, people! I love watching those ladies battle out the news of the day – judge me all you will. If I lived in the States I could go to the ABC website and watch it there, but I can’t, and so I whine.

summer learning

I Am Reading So Much More

You guys… I have now read 30 books in 2017. While I’ve only been on this detox for two weeks, in that time I significantly boosted reading time, be it reading physical/ebooks or listening to audiobooks. Turns out when you remove 1-2 hours of social media use a day (think that’s a lot? Check out this crazy Infographic!) you have so much more time to do other things!

I’ll be updating you at the end of the 10 weeks with the full results, but otherwise… how are things going with YOUR social media detox? Have you considered it? Are you underway? What are your challenges?

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3 Responses to Update: Social Media Detox

  1. Dez June 28, 2017 at 4:03 am #

    Your doing awesome girl!

    • Victoria Smith June 28, 2017 at 7:48 am #

      Thanks, you as well!

      • Dezarae June 30, 2017 at 10:39 am #

        This week was defiantly a lot harder then last week for me, don’t know why but I just wanted to check Instagram and YouTube so bad, however I did check out your podcast finally so that’s become a new outlet that I’ve never overly used before

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