What is coaching like? A case study

I’m often asked what coaching is like. I try and describe it, but honestly you have to experience it to understand it.

In short, coaching is three things: knowledge, accountability and support. Most of us know what we should/need to be doing (knowledge) and we have some support in friends and family, but not the accountability. This is the secret sauce. When you combine all three, magic happens.

So this week, I’m honoured to be joined by Molly (a pseudonym for a lovely client). Molly and I go through a typical introductory coaching call in order to get to know a client’s history and how we can start to work together.

The further you get along the coaching path (typically I run a 12 week program) the deeper we probe, the more resilience you’ve built up so we can get you closer to your end state, but it has to start with small, but important, quick wins.

If you find this coaching call interesting, if it feels like it might be what you need to keep you accountable in your stress management journey, I have two options for you.

what is coaching like

First, our Stress Less in 90 Days group coaching program is open for registration and the doors close December 23rd. We’ll be kicking off January 1 with our cohort of women who are ready to stress less NOW. They are sick of feeling the way they feel, and they want a lasting solution, not another band-aid fix. For more information on that you can go to http://stresslessin90days.ca

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The other option is one to one coaching. That’s where it’s me and you, for twelve weeks, diving deep into your specific stressors creating the most customized game plan for you. If that’s up your alley, you can email me victoria(at)stresslessladies(dot)com

Regardless, I think you’ll find this coaching call fascinating. Big thanks to Molly for allowing us to record it and being so vulnerable.

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