Wine Cork Craft: Boozy Memories!

A few years ago I was at my friend Amy’s house. It was a girl’s night full of fun and laughter, we drank wine and gossiped. As the night wore on, she grabbed the cork and pulled out a Sharpie. She added the date and the memory to the cork, then she placed it in a vase full of wine cork memories. To this day, it is by far my favourite wine cork craft.

wine cork craft

I LOVED the idea so much that I immediately recreated it at home, and with her permission I’m sharing this fabulous idea with you all today.

wine cork craft

This is such a simple project! All you need are wine or champagne corks from your evening, a Sharpie and somewhere to display the corks. We’ve chosen a vase, allowing friends and family to pull out the corks and take a look at a few years’ worth of special moments. You could also display them in a shadow box, or place them in a box or an object that holds special meaning to you.

wine cork craft

wine cork craft

What kind of wine cork memories can you capture? Anything! That’s the beauty. Life is about moments. Our corks include everything from holidays and promotions, to the birth of our son or, my personal favourite, your run of the mill Champagne Friday! To some, those evenings would be nothing special. You might not capture it with a photo, but we captured these wine cork memories for years to come.

Do you have a fun way of recording special moments? Share ideas in the comments below.

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