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At our recent Alberta Romance Writers Association meeting, I did a little goal-setting exercise with our members, asking them what their writing goals were for the September-June membership year.

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I find that I tend to set large, ambitious goals. Most people get discouraged when they don’t meet their goals, but in my case, I find that by setting a large target, if I even achieve half of it, I’m way further ahead than I would have been if I’d set something manageable. Anyone else in this boat?

Here’s where I’m at.

Self-Publish My E-Book

To be honest, this is written and edited (huge thanks to my copy-editor sister-in-law!). I’m just waiting on my fabulous hubby to format my eBook to make it all pretty, then I’ll be launching it right here on this blog. Fingers crossed we can get there by the end of October.

Re-Vision My First Novel

I attended a fabulous workshop led by Jessica Corra-Larter at When Words Collide on how to re-vision your work. It was EXACTLY what I needed to figure out the gaps in my first novel and what I can work on to make it significantly better. The goal for timing on this one is to get it re-visioned before the baby comes. Time is ticking! I hope to achieve this by carving out 4-5 hours each weekend to work through edits.

Write 2-3 Novellas

I’m dipping my toes into the world of self-publishing for Amazon. I have a few sexy story ideas that I’m playing with, but these will be under a pen name. Total experiment. I don’t expect to make a ton of money from it, but it would be neat to say that I’m officially published and to see what the audience feedback is without my own name being attached. In no way do I think that means that the quality can’t be good, it should be, but I might be a little more lax on certain stages of the process… mainly due to fear. Hoping to work on this once the baby comes in the New Year. Everyone says I’ll have no time to write or do anything, but I’d like to think that these short novellas will be a manageable, fun way to keep my writing going.

Write A Guidebook

My Mum and I are spending a month on the Isle of Arran next April. Originally we’d planned to drive around Scotland and Wales, but after the ridiculous stress of 2015, we both looked at each other and said, “shall we just stay on Arran for a month?” Best decision we’ve ever made. I plan to write and self-publish a proper guidebook for the island that I hold most dear. To have the time to properly explore all the nooks and crannies that I never did as a local will be pure luxury. Ideally I’ll be writing this throughout my time in April, not saving it for my return.

Complete a Year on the ARWA Board

While not strictly a writing goal, there is so much work involved with being the Vice-President. I’ve already led one meeting and a strategic planning session to help move the organization forward. It’s an exciting task. I know in advance that I won’t be on the board next year (I have some other conflicts with my time in 2016/17), so I want to do the best job I can this year.

Keep Up The Blogging

I won’t lie, I’m terrified that once the baby comes, the thing that I’ll push to the side will be the blog. I really, really, don’t want that to happen, but I have no concept of how exhausted I will or won’t be. The thing is, this blog satisfies me. As much as I write it for my readers, I write it for me. To document my adventures, my life, my travels. This blog is the one thing I’ve been faithful to in terms of writing this past year. While posting three times a week might not be achievable, I want to at least keep to two posts per week.

On that note… is there anything in particular on this blog that you folks would like to hear about? Give me ideas!

Well, I think that’s more than enough big goals for the year, don’t you?

What are your goals for the year? They don’t have to be writing goals. What are you working towards in terms of creative outlets, adventures, health or spirituality? What’s on your plate for the next 12 months? I wish you all the luck in your efforts. 


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